What NOT to wear to the Gym!!!

The other day I was at the gym lifting weights trying to figure out whether I should go for Heavy Weights or stick to my regular weights, then I saw something that had changed my perspective about dudes in the gym. I spotted a guy wearing all neon green and spandex. He was not a Superhero, But he did look like a super douche!
So!! In this Article, I am gonna show you what are the 10 things men should avoid wearing in the GYM!!  

1. Super Hero Gear

 Robin and Batman running
I guess by the looks of it you've got the picture in your head what you will look like if you go to the gym wearing that, You might be thinking "but dude, I am Batman And it looks ravishing to the ladies" but my friend the truth is you are out there to pump up some iron and that is what you should do, girls might look at you but they will feel disgusted.

2. Denim 

Denim Jeans in the gym
Everybody has seen that dude who starts off with the treadmill with his jeans on and you're like ok it looks hot and uncomfortable, definitely not breathable but we'll give the old guy some credit. But then you'll see the dude hops in the bench and he starts working out wearing jeans. I know that you are in your head thinking its important to get to the gym and hit it even though you don't have the appropriate clothing, right? WRONG!!

3. Oxygen Deprivation Mask

You need to stop wearing those oxygen deprivation masks at the gym. I am not a violent person but this makes me want to punch you in the face. If you are an athlete, if you are training for something and if you are trying to simulate high altitude, Whatever man. Fine but high altitude bicep curls... 
It's Just STUPID!!!

4. Big Baggy Basketball Shorts

Baggy Shorts
Big Baggy Super long shorts just gonna make you look like super Short cause it totally throws off the proportions of your sexiest body. It will not only make you look super short but it will also get in your way of workout with those long shorts.

5. Big Ass Baggy Pants

Baggy Pants
You know what else will throw off your proportion of your body is Big Ass Baggy Pants. I am embarrassed to say that these sweet things are my old workout pants!! A little bit big and by little I mean totally humongous. Everybody knows I'm Short, right? I'm 5'6 those pants make me look like 5'2 but I have like 10 pairs of them & I'd wear them to workout and I was like who cares, Right? WRONG !!!

6. Anything That Exposes your Nipples

Cut-off t shirts
Nobody wants to see your nipples when they're working out it's just not appropriate. This includes the following:-
  • Tank Tops
  • Cut-off t-Shirts

7. Super Huge Headphones

Big Headphones
I am gonna get some heat for but those super huge headphones not only does it look a little bit ridiculous it also is a liability. You spend big money on those big ass headphones and if you're working out and you are doing it right you're sweating & all that sweat will ruin them.

8. Sweat Bands on extremities 

It always cracks me up right you'll see a dude and he's working out and he's got sweatbands on his forearm. He was never sweaty not like he is gonna lose his grip on the bar. It's a fashion statement and this I say has to GO!!

9. Inappropriate footwear 

Boots in the gym
This Includes work boots, Flip Flops, chukkas, double monk straps, dress shoes anything other than appropriate footwear for the gym and that is fashionable yet functional sneakers.

10. Too much Cologne

Smelly guy
I am a firm believer that you should smell good right smelling goog should equal deodorant because nobody wants to be in the gym let alone next to somebody who's got bad body odor you know who I'm talking about you know who you are. It is equally nauseating when you're trying to do a set of bench with 375 for reps of 12 and you're sitting next to somebody who's just killed it with 27 squirts of Polo.